Howard Park

Howard Park is one of the cities oldest and favorite parks. This beautiful park is right on the river and is part of the river walking/bike path that goes from IUSB through down town and out to St Mary’s. It features an ice skating rink, senior center, and hosts a number of community events and entertainment through out the year. Its old growth trees shade the playground and picnic tables that are awaiting your family outing. And if you don’t feel like walking or riding your bike to it, there is plenty of room in the nice parking lot it has. Walk a little East on the river path and you will find another smaller part of the park which has a public boat launch. During the summer you will see Notre Dame’s rowing crew practicing from it. Walk west down the path and you will find yourself in downtown South Bend. There you can shop, eat, and even white water raft down an Olympic class raceway. The first artificial white-water course in North America in fact. All of this is with in walking distance of our homes here in the Howard Park Neighborhood.

Map of the river path
Information on the Ice skating rink
Information about the senior center and its upcoming events
Information about the East Race white water rafting

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